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In addition, all customers coming to this store are enthusiastically consulted by experienced staff, enabling customers to choose the most appropriate long dresses and the best fit for their physique and appearance. the lawsuit they're about to attend. Moreover, the affordable price of only VND 60,000 - VND 300,000 / set depending on the design is also one of the attractions to Thanh Hien Ao Dai. These top-class shirts created from these unique and creative ideas can be the ones with a design inspired by the patterns that relate to your learning, making those shirts possible. Close and meaningful to the wearer brings a sense of familiarity in each model. Stemming from the practical requirements of the students, students on t-shirts, camps, as well as officials and workers in uniform clothes We have been interested, researched, designed and selected. samples of uniforms and uniforms so that each one has its own beauty and style, with a simple but trendy motto. See more : đồng phục ở đà nẵng If you have any questions or issues related to choosing a uniform size or uniform for a class, group, company, etc. or need to know more about the uniform price list, you can contact We follow the hotline: 0969303336 or visit the website: for direct support from us! - In case there are parameters of height and weight do not correspond, that is not in the same group, you apply the principle: choose according to the largest number size this means if your female height is 1m60 (corresponding to size: M) but weighs only 48kg (corresponding to size: S), in this case you need to choose the number size according to height for the shirt to bring the most comfort. Those are the methods to save the cost of making company uniforms so that your company can save quite a bit of money to make a company uniform. If you are in need of sewing a company uniform or have any questions about the price of a company uniform, please leave SDT or contact Andy to make a class shirt in Danang for advice! Therefore, to get good products, meet your requirements and have Read more : xưởng làm đồng phục tại đà nẵng

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